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Donald Sepolio

Your Real Estate Attorney serving Texas and the surrounding areas.

Property rights are among the most important and fundamental rights we have in a free capitalist society. When it becomes necessary to assert or defend your property rights you want an advocate who is competent and experienced as well as dedicated and passionate to your cause. I have handled real estate matters including litigation for individuals, developers and builders. As a property owner and investor, I have extensive professional, personal and business experience in handling real estate matters, including but not limited to:

Clearing Title

  • Correcting defects in deeds such as inaccurate property descriptions or not adequately naming the parties or other defects which effect title.

  • Cleared title to real property with breaks in the chain of title, including cases where only one deed was issued since 1888 and no probate or heirship proceedings had been filed.

  • Cleared title with lien issues, including IRS liens, missing heirs, intestate or incomplete probate issues, boundary issues, adverse possession, and fraudulent deeds that had been filed which clouded title. Litigated property tax cases and successfully litigated cases to declare property tax sales and orders void.
Adverse Possession
As an advocate and litigator for property owners' rights, I have represented clients in adverse possession matters both in prosecuting and defending adverse possession issues.

Boundary Disputes
Experienced in handling boundary disputes and easements as well as governmental condemnation for public right of ways.

Property Tax
Represent property owners in the tax protest as well as litigation in tax court with the taxing units to protect the property owner's rights. I have been appointed by the courts as an Attorney Ad Litem in over 300 tax cases to protect the rights of absent property owners or missing or unknown heirs to the property.

Transfer of Tax Liens
Texas Statute has established that property owners may seek the financial assistance of qualified individuals or financial organizations for the payment of property taxes and permit the transfer of the tax lien which results in certain rights and obligations between the property owner and financer.

personal injury attorney pasadena tx

  • Clearing Title
  • Adverse Possession
  • Boundary Disputes and Easements
  • Condemnation
  • Property Tax
  • Transfer of Tax Liens

Extensive experience handling real estate matters involving; residential, commercial, urban, rural, farm land and ranch land. The courts have appointed me in over 300 cases to represent, protect and locate absent land owners or the unknown heirs of land owners in various types of real estate matters.

Represented homeowners, investors, mortgage companies, banks, builders, developers, landlords and tenants.