Probate 101- Part Three

Standard Probate Proceeding             A will must be presented for probate within four years from the decedent’s death.  After the four years have lapsed the will may only be presented for limited purposes or under special circumstances. Failure to present a will within the four year statutory provisions would be a breach of the purpose […]
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Probate 101- Part Two

Intestate Succession If a person fails to prepare and properly execute a will then that person has died intestate.  The Texas Probate Code has a long history of providing a procedure by which the assets of an estate can be disbursed to those persons whom the court judges to be heirs of the estate after […]
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Probate 101- Part One

Welcome to Probate 101 which is a series of explanations intended to summarize and simplify the Texas Probate Code and Probate Procedure.  This educational series has been prepared by a Texas attorney experienced in handling a variety of probate matters for the non-legal professional.  The topics will cover the most common issues confronting most Texans.  […]
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