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If you, a loved one or someone you know has been seriously injured or if a loved one has been killed in an 18-wheeler or tractor trailer truck accident, you should entrust your case to a uniquely experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer.

Donald Sepolio drove 18 wheelers for 12 years and has more than 28 years of experience handling serious personal injury cases including 18 wheeler cases.

Donald Sepolio is Uniquely experienced

Donald Sepolio is familiar with the DOT regulations and state laws which regulate the trucking industry. As a former 18 wheeler driver Donald Sepolio understands the causes of trucking accidents.

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Personally Evaluated and Reconstructed Trucking Crashes


Donald Sepolio personally evaluates and reconstructs the trucking crashes to determine the various factors and chain of events which contribute to trucking collisions and works with knowledgeable experts to establish liability and establish negligence and gross negligence.

A direct result of Donald Sepolio’s extensive experience he has the ability to forensically analyze the various causes and contributing facts of trucking crashes.

While some personal injury attorneys and their experts may only look to see if a truck was overloaded Donald Sepolio will carry out a thorough investigation to determine if a load was;

Even a load which does not exceed the weight limit may contribute to an accident if not properly loaded or secured. These details are all too commonly overlooked by other inexperienced personal injury attorneys which ultimately will affect the outcome of the case.

Far too often a dispatcher will assign a truck driver to a tractor which is inadequate and inappropriate to pull a particular type of trailer. Using the wrong tractor to pull a heavy load will result in the driver not having full control of the tractor-trailer combination causing;

Other personal injury attorneys and their experts always fail to identify the root cause of these type of crashes and consequently fail to establish complete liability on the trucking company.

Sometimes truckers maintain two log books in order to drive more hours than allowed by law

As an experienced truck driver and attorney Donald Sepolio knows how to determine and expose a trucker who has falsified log books.

Other experienced personal injury attorneys have called upon Donald Sepolio’s expertise to assist in establishing liability against truck drivers and trucking companies because the other attorneys have the wrong theory of liability.


Donald Sepolio’s personal and professional experience in the trucking industry combined with his knowledge and experience as a personal injury attorney, has helped many other personal injury attorneys to determine the cause of 18 wheeler accidents and establish liability of those truckers and transportation companies which have negligently cause harm or death to others.

Donald Sepolio is the only personal injury attorney who has an in depth forensic knowledge of the mechanisms which cause 18 wheeler accidents. Most personal injury attorneys rely on other “experts” to determine the theory of liability of truckers.

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Who your Representative is, Matters


The Law office of Donald Sepolio has represented multiple clients who have been injured in accidents involving 18 wheelers and other large commercial vehicles. We are not your run of the mill personal injury lawyers. Donald Sepolio will maximize the value of your case, and if necessary, will try it to a jury.
So don’t delay, call Donald Sepolio today. Your case is too important to entrust it to anyone else!

Failure to Properly Maintain Trucking Equipment


Donald Sepolio will personally check maintenance records, examine the tractor, trailer and freight alongside industry experts.

Even a properly maintained piece of equipment can contribute to an accident . Blind spots are a common cause of trucking accidents. Both tractor-trailer combinations and straight frame trucks have natural blind spots which requires truck drivers to take extra precautions and procedures in order to eliminate the blind spot.

Other blind spots may be temporary, for instance, if a trucker is driving toward the sun the trucker may be temporarily blinded. if the surface of the windshield has a light coat of dust film creating large blind spots resulting in a dangerous driving condition which may other attorneys and experts may overlook.

Many trucking crashes occur when a trucker changes lanes and fails to see another vehicle in the trucker’s side mirror because the sun is reflecting brightly into the mirror creating an additional blind spot for the truck driver.

There are so many contributing factors which other personal injuries and their experts may overlook or fail to detect because they lack the expertise and personal experience which Donald Sepolio has acquired from years of driving tractor trailers and handling 18 wheeler cases as an attorney.

A few of the factors which may contribute to a truck accident

State and Federal law regulates how trucks are maintained and drivers must fill out both pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspection reports, as well as drivers’ log books. These reports can be crucial evidence that can help experienced 18 wheeler accident attorneys reconstruct the accident by establishing that a piece of equipment was not road worthy.

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