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Personal Injury

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Representing personal injury and wrongful death victims from Texas and around the world

It has been my privilege and responsibility to have personally represented hundreds of personal injury victims and family of wrongful death victims from Texas, across the United States and from other parts of the world. I take seriously all of the cases and matters entrusted to me, especially the cases for personal injury victims who have become financially and physically vulnerable due to the negligent and grossly negligent acts and omissions of others.

Attorneys typically focus on one (or sometimes two) areas of law, often with the goal of becoming an expert in their chosen practice area. Understanding the different legal practice areas and what they cover can help you locate the right attorney for your needs.


While each case will vary depending on the facts and severity of the injury, I have been very successful in obtaining the highest recovery on behalf of my clients through negotiation, mediation or litigation. Having extensive experience in mediation as both a mediator and an advocate for my clients, I have the expertise to optimize this method of settlement.

I work closely with a wide range of experts including but not limited to experts: with various medical specialties, economists, collision experts, accident reconstruction experts, law enforcement officials, rehabilitation experts, engineers, and various other experts to present my clients’ cases. By utilizing scientific methods to prove liability and establish damages, as well as state of the art courtroom visual aids and presentations, I have been able to persuasively establish my clients’ cases and obtain the maximum settlements and recoveries on behalf of my clients.

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Resulting in injuries and damages such as:

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