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Our team is comprehensive, strategic, one step ahead, and a powerful opponent. When you hire our firm to manage your case, you have hired a team of legal advocates who care, who will keep you informed, who will fight for you, and be the voice you need to represent you again the opposing party and their attorneys. Our peers recommend us, our clients recommend us, and we are confident that soon you will too. Below is a small sample of what some of our clients have had to say about us.

What Do Our Customers Say Us?

"Took care of a legal matter for me - fast - furious - results -- he is an expert in many legal matters -- Real Estate Investor friendly and knowledgeable"
Leo Muscarello
""Mr. Sepolio is very engaged and I definitely recommend his services to any seeking help with a legal issue.""
Clinton Morgan
""Great Attorney for Probate and Real Estate matters. I've been in Real Estate for over 20 years, and so far Mr.Sepolio has been one of the best attorneys I worked with. He is knowledgeable and reasonable in price. I totally recommend him.""
Maria Nelson
""I am investing in a real estate and stumbled into somewhat complex deal. I was recommended to Donald by a real-estate expert after a frustrating hunt for a real-estate lawyer in Houston - so many lawyers publish websites but don't really know or care to deal with a case as soon as it gets out of their comfort zone. Donald has been great from the get-go and has proven super knowledgeable both as a lawyer and an real estate investor. Having Donald on my corner has been a great confidence booster in what for a while seemed like a lost cause deal. As far as his fees, after my hunt for a lawyer, they are very reasonable for the value he brings to the table.""
Jose Roberto D. Richmond, TX
""Mr. Sepolio has helped me over the course of 5 years for different cases, wills, divorce, personal injury, etc. I can not say enough good things about him and how much he has helped me, and was reasonable with his fee considering he has had decades of experience. My sister hired another attorney when she had an auto accident and because she wasn't receiving as much as other clients, he put her off for MONTHS. Mr. Sepolio didn't care if I was making him $5 or $50,000, he treated me as if I was his only client and I know he was busy, but he worked tirelessly for me. I will always be grateful and appreciative!""
Terry M. Pasadena, TX