Yesterday I visited the clerks for the Queens Court at the Royal Courts of Justice on Fleet Street. This is the largest court in the UK which is housed in a beautiful ornate building with very high ceilings decorated with paintings and marble busts of Lord Justices who have presided over the courts through the past centuries. As an Attorney and Solicitor I have an interest in the court proceedings and have in the past sat in to listen to cases which includes EU cases and cases on appeal as well as civil trials. The trials and hearings which I have attended in the past have been very interesting, and to see the Lord Justices and Barristers in their robes and wigs is also an interesting sight. However, the purpose of my visit yesterday was to discuss the advantages of efiling pleadings, just the way it is done in Harris County, Texas.

When I explained the purpose of my visit the intake clerks seemed a little confused, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor explained that they may not have the funding to support an efiling system to which I replied that the system is self-financing. The supervisor then replied that the decision to add an efiling system was up to others up the chain of command, which is precisely what I was after. The supervisor then gave me the name and email address of her supervisor. At any rate as I endeavor to guide the UK legal system to update their filing system I will keep my followers informed of my progress or lack of progress.