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Donald Sepolio

Your Probate Attorney in Texas

Have your will drafted by a competent and experienced legal professional. It is important to draft wills which clearly state the various terms and provisions of the last will and testament of the testator. Many people attempt to draft their wills from kits purchased from office supply stores or online do-it-yourself websites and in many cases those wills may have ambiguous or conflicting provisions. In some cases these instruments fail to qualify as a will and are rejected by the probate court. The fee to have a legal professional draft a state of the art will is inexpensive and can save your estate a significant amount of money in probate costs as well as expedite the identification, collection, preservation and distribution of the estate assets and protect the rights of the heirs of the estate. The peace of mind you will get from having a legal professional draft your will and knowing that your loved ones will appreciate and benefit from your foresight is priceless

personal injury law pasadena tx

Heirship Affidavits and Determination of Heirship
Intestate succession is the process of distributing the assets of an estate when the deceased did not leave a valid will or the will fails for lack of testamentary intent or execution. I have extensive experience in probating estates in which the deceased did not leave a will. Depending on the specific facts of each case there may be various options available including drafting and executing an Heirship Affidavit so as to avoid probate altogether or filing for a Determination of Heirship, in which case the heirs have the opportunity to establish in court all of the heirs who are entitled to inherit from the estate.

Experience in setting up Trusts
Experience in establishing various types of trusts.
Experience in handling international probate matters.

Power of Attorney
A document which gives a specific person, called the agent or attorney-in-fact, the authority to transact business on behalf of the principal. The Power of Attorney can be for a specific amount of time or until revoked, but in any case will only be effective during the principal's lifetime.

personal injury law pasadena tx

Legal Services

  • Drafting of Wills
  • Drafting Heirship Affidavits
  • Probate Wills
  • Determination of Heirship
  • Setting up Trusts
  • Power of Attorney

It is important to leave a properly drafted will so as to accomplish exactly what the testator intended. Hundreds of clients have entrusted me with the responsibility of drafting their last will and testament in clear and precise language so as to avoid any ambiguities at the time of probate.
I have extensive experience in probate court probating wills as well as determination of heirship proceedings.